Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fabulous Vegas

A few weeks ago, my sister and I went to the Fabulous Las Vegas! I had so much fun; it was my first time there and I really think that it takes multiple visits to really absorb everything that city offers. Perhaps one of the coolest things about Vegas is the people it attracts. I heard so many different languages while walking the Strip.

The uncoolest part of the trip was the flight. I'd never had a problem with earaches but I did that time. We had to de-plane in Houston and then our flight was canceled in Phoenix. We flew standby. Ultimately we arrived in Las Vegas and met my best friend from college. We stayed at the Planet Hollywood and decided a person would never have to leave for anything. (There were hundreds of shops inside) We visited tons of casinos and saw the musical Mama Mia at Mandalay Bay.

On Sunday afternoon, we checked out more casinos and shops (on the Caesar's Palace side). Afterwards, we journeyed to Kenab, Utah. It was a beautiful scenic drive. I was a bit intimidated by the "watch for falling rocks" signs. We stayed in Kenab until Tuesday morning. We saw the northerrn ridge of the Grand Canyon as well as Bryce Canyon. Later we drove to Hoover dam and it is one of the most awesome feats by man! We stayed at the Imperial Palace that evening; the room faced the Flamingo. The next day, we checked the outlet malls and library and then checked into the Trump International Hotel, which was a very nice treat. After we we settled in we checked out Madame T's wax museum, which was worth the stop. In my next postings I think I'll take about my visits to the Kenab Public Library and the Las Vegas Public Library...

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