Monday, January 25, 2010

I really haven't disappeared...

from the blog world...I really haven't. I've just been a little preoccupied with life and I have been reading. I thought I wouldn't be as busy after I graduated...I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. Now that I've stated it three times, I think I should remember that or at least that's what an old college professor said once or thrice.

I know one thing is for certain. My blog needs an angle--needs flair---needs to be taken care of consistently. I don't need to fall into the trap of laziness and not post. How will I ever fight it? Maybe I should take a journey into young adult books. I've read 3 in almost 4 days.....maybe just maybe...I should start some kind of library senario and figure out how "super librarian lady" can save the day. The idea sounds entertaining, I guess. Now I'm just being random.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Graduate (no not the movie)

So I haven't posted in a loooooong time. There goes one of my New Year's resolutions about blogging and reading more books in the juvenile and young adult sections. Now, I did have a valid reason for the breaking my resolutions. (I love how I'm reasoning on here). I was taking my two final graduate classes. One was a graduate elective and the other was the Master project class. On top of the requirements of both classes, I had to complete a comprehensive exam. ((((Whewwww))))))
On May 8, I graduated with a Master's in library and information science. I felt so many emotions post graduation. I hate to use a Stan Lee Spiderman thing but---here it goes...."With great power comes great responsibility". I find myself contemplating my next career/professional goal. As I sat behind the newly hooded Ph.Ds, I said to myself "I'm one row away from being one of those people." I sincerely want to be the best person I can be and offer my best to those I meet.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


was something I didn't want to hear today. It had metastasized throughout her abdomen. This blog's purpose is really about library issues and such, but today I lost a dear friend. I had a usual supervisors meeting scheduled at 1:30, and I thought I would be able to be professional and keep my personal feelings aside for a few minutes. I was wrong. For 10 years, Milla (1998-2009) has been the truest pet one can have. Even in her last moments, the doctor said she was happy. That's the type of dog she always was---happy. What dog wouldn't be happy to have owners like my family? Right now my eyelids are burning from crying so much. I knew this time would come some day, but I didn't think it would happen today. Also I didn't know how much I would miss her and how much I would cry. I could go on and on about how wonderfully beautiful Milla's spirit was. She loved car rides and leaving her nose juices on the passenger side windows. A fan of string cheese and equal-opportunity cookie eater, this chaser of squirrels never turned down belly rubs and ear scratches. We took her home from the vet and buried her in her favorite part of the yard. My heart misses her.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

YAY for Weeding!!!

So I figured out today that I like weeding (not the garden kind)...the one that takes place in libraries. It's kind of exciting to find mis-shelved books, superseded materials such as U.S.S.R books, penciled art on bookshelves (now that I think about it...I should have taken a picture of it before I had it cleaned.) Anyway, in my library I had a vision of using the tops of all the shelves as display space for books. A few months ago, I shifted the juvenile fiction. This time, I enlisted the help of a few people. AND IT LOOKS our juvenile non-fiction section. I feel like 110% better. My librarian feng shui is so great! I can breathe. Ok so maybe some of you may think I'm a dork about this library stuff, but this task was a huge one. Kids are so visually minded that I believe that this shift will make a huge difference in juvenile non-fiction circulation. Also, this shift was for my collection development benefit. This gave me a chance to really see what books/resources my department has or lacks. No I can sleep easier.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Library Lovers Month

Ahhh...doesn't that have such a nice ring to it? It makes my non-existent bun black-rimmed glasses twitch just a little...and it gives me hope that my tweed skirt will come back into style.Ok so if you know know I don't fit that stereotype, though sometimes I think it would be nice to experiment with my style. I think the boldest I've gone was this Santa suit. It was a post 2008 Christmas sale purchase and I wanted to know if I could fit it. Anyway, enough about style and randomness...February is Library Lovers Month!!! GO TO YOUR LIBRARY....and GIVE THEM SOME LOVE!!! Most of us are really, really nice people. I like to think that I am nice. (In case you don't know it, I'm a children/teen's librarian)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Libraries in economic crisis?...thanks ALA

The American Library Association recently developed a new toolkit named "Advocating in a Tough Economy". In case you don't know what a toolkit (in regards to library terminology)'s basically references/ideas to help you make your job easier. In this specific toolkit, ALA has given us "tools" on how we can support libraries in different community capacities. They address issues like how one should approach the media and local government officials, what to say or what to wear at meetings, etc, etc. I highly recommend it to those who are trying to find ways to sing the praises of the library!!! I like to remember the 3 P's---Preparation, Practice and Passion. The last P is my favorite because it is the selling point for any audience. It is utimately what shines through...:)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Identical by Ellen Hopkins (Beware of spoilers)

As part of my resolutions I decided to read more in the YA/JUV area. To kick off this year, I chose Identical by Ellen Hopkins. She is the author of Crank, Burned, Impulse, and Glass. This is book is recommended for 14 and up. This book is about identical twins named Kaeleigh and Raeanne and their picture-perfect parents. Their mom is running for a congressional office, and their dad, who is a judge, has substance abuse problems among other problems. Who is taking care of the girls? Each girl is hiding secrets from the public eye. Even when I thought I got to a good stopping point, I had to keep reading. This was my first Ellen Hopkins book to read.
The twins' behaviors may shock some, but I recommend reading this book with an open mind. It deals with issues that are prevalent in our society, such as substance abuse, cutting, purging, and sexual abuse. After the accident, Kaeleigh and Raeanne and their mom were never the same. Their mom was mostly busy with her work, and she barely had time (or made time) to spend with her daughters. The ending was surprising as well. I had a inkling suspicion that something was a little twisted in the diary-like format. I was amazed that Hopkins could weave so many stories into this book. For me, I wanted Hopkins to elaborate more about the mom. It seemed to me that the boyfriend Ian, psychotherapist Carol, and grandmother (Kaeleigh and Raeanne's dad's mother) cared more for Kaeleigh during her time of desperate need. Many teens have requested for me to order more Ellen Hopkins books. I can see why.