Monday, October 27, 2008

5.2 Seconds

I don't know the history of this house, but I admire its design, architecture and red roof. (ok yeah I like the color red). Was it abandoned? I don't know. This house overlooked the MS river in Natchez. Suddenly, all these thoughts drowned every sound and picture around me. Though I had company with me, I felt all alone for 5.2 seconds. Immediately, I pictured myself sitting on the porch and enjoying the sun set over the MS river. People are always reminding me to stop and enjoy the moment. I am not a moment person; I don't think I have ever been. Sometimes, I need to be reminded to stop my world; I find myself to be most happy when I can remember to put my life on pause. Lately, it seems like all I do is go, go, and go. When I think about it, I really dislike a patterned and predictable life, which is what my life has become for now. I should really start looking up, down, around and every other place, and maybe I can enjoy life for more than 5.2 seconds.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had the most wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I was in Natchez, Missisippi, for a Mississippi Library Assocation conference. I really liked this town; it's so quaint. Anyway, I feel accomplished because I feel I am where I need to be (career-wise). On Wednesday afternoon, I was honored with the Virgia Brocks-Shedd scholarship, which is sponsored by the Black Caucus Round Table. The featured speaker was the former superintendent of schools for the Jackson Public School District and the coolest thing about her speech was that it mirrored the topic of my essay. It is so nice to be able to see other librarian colleagues and to also meet some new ones. I inserted a picture; I'm the one on the far left.
I'll definitely have more postings later...