Monday, October 27, 2008

5.2 Seconds

I don't know the history of this house, but I admire its design, architecture and red roof. (ok yeah I like the color red). Was it abandoned? I don't know. This house overlooked the MS river in Natchez. Suddenly, all these thoughts drowned every sound and picture around me. Though I had company with me, I felt all alone for 5.2 seconds. Immediately, I pictured myself sitting on the porch and enjoying the sun set over the MS river. People are always reminding me to stop and enjoy the moment. I am not a moment person; I don't think I have ever been. Sometimes, I need to be reminded to stop my world; I find myself to be most happy when I can remember to put my life on pause. Lately, it seems like all I do is go, go, and go. When I think about it, I really dislike a patterned and predictable life, which is what my life has become for now. I should really start looking up, down, around and every other place, and maybe I can enjoy life for more than 5.2 seconds.

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