Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Libraries are not made, they grow."

What an interesting quote to find! Through my studies in library and information sciences, I have developed and changed and accepted different theories on the meaning of library. What is a library's significance to its community? How can a library and its staff make people aware of its importance? I am currently taking a class discussing popular culture for library clientele. It's a pretty awesome class. We discuss the significance of popular culture and how it influences a librarian's decision to purchase and include a hodgepodge of genres or types of media formats.

One interesting aspect of this class is the discussion of technology, especially Web 2.0 applications. It seems that, more than ever, patrons want more control of how they find information, which is to be expected. As I've probably stated in previous blogs, I want to learn more about them so I can better understand those patrons who already use them and also to communicate with them the different free services their libraries offer. Despite all changes in technology it is important to remember that communities can build libraries but what matters most are the patrons who use it and the librarians who organize it and implement new and innovative ways to cater to present and future patrons.

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Madame Rubies said...

I love that quote. Makes me think of my friend, Nat, and how her library grew in her life. She is gone now, but her library keeps growing in other people.

Speaking of, has anyone else noticed that th eonline catalogue for CMRLS is down? I keep trying to use it and it won't come up. Le sigh...

One day, I will get to go to school for library science. In the meantime, I'll just be a bookwhore.