Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Library Lovers Month

Ahhh...doesn't that have such a nice ring to it? It makes my non-existent bun tingle...my black-rimmed glasses twitch just a little...and it gives me hope that my tweed skirt will come back into style.Ok so if you know me...you know I don't fit that stereotype, though sometimes I think it would be nice to experiment with my style. I think the boldest I've gone was this Santa suit. It was a post 2008 Christmas sale purchase and I wanted to know if I could fit it. Anyway, enough about style and randomness...February is Library Lovers Month!!! GO TO YOUR LIBRARY....and GIVE THEM SOME LOVE!!! Most of us are really, really nice people. I like to think that I am nice. (In case you don't know it, I'm a children/teen's librarian)


____Maggie said...

lol! You have on the right color for the month! ;D

Heather said...

Hi Mara!! Nice Santa Suit!!

Mara said...

Hehehe thanks!