Saturday, November 15, 2008

Always check the counter...

for other book crates.

My library system offers intra- and inter- library loan services. Intra-library loan is borrowing materials within our branches; we have 20 branches in our system. Inter-library loan is borrowing materials between library systems. I work in one of the larger branch libraries. Normally, I work in the youth department and I enjoy it! What job besides the product-testing teams can say, "Today I'm playing the Wii for (insert program name here)"?

Anyway, today is my day off and I'm learning the finer points of AC/Heating elements, trying to do more research for my graduate classes, unearthing parts of my desk etc etc. So I'm in the library and I explained to the circulation supervisor that a member of my staff and I tried to check in all the intra-library loans (books, cds, dvds, etc). We thought (or I guess I thought) we checked all the crates~well we didn't. One crate was on the counter in our receiving room. (Hmm..the crate of items did not even catch my attention), but I did learn that if there's a crate, which has items in it, in the receiving room it probably needs to be checked in. Oh well, another library goof for me...I just don't know why I try to overachieve?!?!

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Biker Librarian said...

My advice is to stick with the Wii. Goofs are more fun on it.