Monday, November 17, 2008

Friends ROCK!!!

Seriously, I think friends of the library groups are vital to libraries. If you're lucky to have one who supports the library, then you have it made, but if you don't have a friends group you may consider gathering a few of your patrons. The reason for this post is for me to share how wonderful my library's friends group is. From the moment I started my position in this library, they have supported the library, especially the youth department, in all of my requests. Usually I do not use the the absolute "all", but they really have supported everything I have asked of them. From upgrading materials to purchasing new ones, they have delivered. Most of the friends have baked goodies, set up or volunteered time for programs. I respect and admire that these people choose to help the library.

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Biker Librarian said...

Amen, sistah! I love my friends group. Is that where your Wii music came from? I'm so jealous!