Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a Bird!!! It's a Plane!!! It's...

not Superman...it's really a sparrow in the library. (in the picture it's in the metal square opening)

Ok today was eventful...Besides the fact that it's story time day, which is always fun, we had a sparrow in the library! I'm thinking~really neat children's story. After my story times, I offered to help the circulation desk and one of my coworkers buzzed me on the telephone and said "there's a bird in the library"! Of course, being the person I am and a children's person, I was excited and sad. I was sad because I watched how frustrated the bird became; he kept flying towards the window. We took several pictures and I even tried taking video. How did the bird enter the library? Who knows? We have a few theories. LOL. Poor Fred (that's the name he was given). Fred was in the computer lab and was sitting on one of the beams. He probably had some email to check or maybe he was looking for another line of work. I didn't have a chance to do a reference interview with him.

Fast forward...someone called animal control and after a few minutes of tiring Fred with nets and bird calls, I decided we could use the bug nets that I had from last year's summer reading program. Good thing we had nets. Finally animal control arrived on the scene. One of the officers retrieved his large net from his truck. He was amazed that the net reached as far as it did. Fred was even more frustrated and flew lower and was on the ground. The female officer was like a Jedi and caught Fred and released him outside. It's like I blinked and Fred was gone. It's like the officer just teleported from her spot across the room and...poof...the ordeal was over. Library peace was restored. I wonder what things Fred will share with his other feathered friends. I'm sharing the video I took; I learned that I am not a good videographer. In the video you'll hear me speaking with one of the animal control people. I sound like a goober but oh well. What a day at the library?!?! (By the way... didn't need a hat....whew)

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Biker Librarian said...

OMG! I laughed so hard from this! I wish I could have been there that day. I'm glad you didn't need a hat. If you were coming after me with a net, you would have. Also loved the video. By the way, that's how it is with Freds. You blink and then they're gone. Never marry one.