Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Library Conferences, Bigelow Tea Bags, and the Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum Rap

Last week I went to a youth services conference in Jackson. I had a nice time. I learned a few new things and I also realized how much my library system offers to its patrons compared to other systems in the state. One of the things I most enjoy about library conferences are the people...such a mixed bag of people. I learned quite a few things from New Stage, Dianne de las Casas, YALSA's Maggie Moran, and Vicki Cobb. There's a cool experiment with Bigelow tea bags, and I learned that there are people who can make folk tales into rapping tales. Oh yeah, I also learned that I like to share Shakesperean insults...murky

Usually, for me,the end of the conference feels like camp. You know...the whole "hi my name is (fill in your name)"..."this is my favorite program" lalalala..."hey you want to hang out when we have free time"...and

Then it's finished. You exchange business cards if you have them or scratch email addresses on the napkin you used to wipe your mouth with at the last meal of the session. Ah what fun!!!


____Maggie said...

I had fun, too! Although, I only spent a few hours with y'all! :D

Biker Librarian said...

I really hate that I couldn't come. Maybe we could have been roomies again. I know you guys had a blast. Can't wait to hear more in person some time.